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Friday, July 19, 2013

Talking about shoes with Roberta Ramos - Brazilian Footwear

Talking about shoes with Roberta Ramos - Brazialian Footwear

During the experience in Riva Del Garda , at Expo Riva Schuh , i've got the chance to know some people of the team of Abicalçados and Brazialian Footwear and Roberta Ramos , the responsible of the communication dept. of the organization. Together Elisa from Diomedea , i've had a chat with Roberta asking to explain more details about BRF. Here what she has told me :
the organization was born in 2000, after the brazilian footwear industries have reached years of experience in production and manufacturing . Theit "Know how " in 2000 was enough to turn the companies in real fashion brands, ready to officially enter in the global fashion world. The aim of the organization was to put together brazialian footwear brands , to help them to develop, to grow and to enter in other countries during fairs and events, to bring the original, colorful , creative, multicultural soul of Brazil all over the world.  Thanks to this project  many brands has been united  to export with successful result the fresh fashion identity of brazlian accessories.
The beginning of ABI Calçados and BRF corresponds to the extraordinary general industrial growth of the country, that recently has brought Brazil to be considered one of the most important new markets in the world. Brazil is part of BRIC ( Brazil - Russia  - India - China) .
The organization of BRF has worked and is still working a lot to grow and to make grow all the brands around the project , and everything is improving day by day, in few years brazilian brands have conquered fashionistas, stores, blogs and fashion events.
Nowaday there is a really wide range of shoes, for different needs:  sporty, casual, elegant, luxury.

BRF has followed all the work behind the scenes, helping brand to define their communication strategy and to organizing themselves to take part to fashion event and fairs even far from Brazil ( as example Expo Riva Schuh).
Nowadays so many brand has took part in this fantastic project , more than 300 and you can discover everything on the website ;) .

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Enjoy ;) Amy

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